cleaning and calling will cure wallowing

I am a monumental dragon who likes to nibble sandwiches.

A toca a ti!

I made a box of all the clothing that is too small/I hate the way I fit into it. Maybe it'll serve as some sort of motevation. I cleaned out my closet, threw all the hangers into the hall and will neatly stack them when there is daylight and therefore the opportunity to make hanger hits hanger types of noices. I cleaned out one pile of papers and still have one more to go.

The urge came to bleach out the back of my head but alas, I need to run to sally's for supplies.

Then I called everyone and their mother, getting some good conversation and a reminder that I'm more than a bringer of distruction.(thank you spiff) I was typing this entry and I heard his ringer, the specified ring that is Sean. My stomach took a dive as the realization hit me, my first reaction, "did he mean to call me?" I didnt ask, because conversation answered that very quickly. My fone died and I'm going to call him back soon.

I really want something stable right now, but you know, I havent done much to deserve that. I'll just treasure it when it comes, and welcome it with open arms.
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sugar and in love

The best kind of day is one where you're getting things done and find yourself laughing while its happening. cool, man.

I'm currently (supposedly) supposed to be looking for web sites for a malcolm x bibliography and find myself reading more than jotting down the info on the page that I need. Ah well.

Today's one of those good days. My sugar intake has been far above normal and the two seem to be directly related. ;)

I can live off of tootsie rolls and water, no problem.
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i am lonely

I bought a couple of binders at 50% off, 3 lipsmackers lip balms for 1$, and clear nail polish for 25 cents. It made me feel better. I could tell you then how I came home and pooed, but I wont because that's gross. I know because I have a best friend who informs me of this all the time.

Shannon wont be at school tommorow, nor the next day. In fact, I will never see her in school again. It saddens me greatly.

I called sean today.

Note to self: Dont call sean.

Daisy has no respect for other people's food, she doesnt even hesitate like the other animals have learned to when approaching new and possibly human food. She just assumes its for her and sticks her nose in it. And then gets to keep it because of her owners discust. Maybe she is the smartest of the animals. Hmm.

I have a spanish quiz and a fraction of a lit test tommorow. I was pulled up the the assistant principle's office today because I forgot to serve a detention. The break of walking through the halls was nice.

Any happyness I was plagued with earlier today, this week, whenever, has gone missing. I am lonely and depressed as ever. Nothing ever changes.
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Ok well. Wow.

Its amazing how dead I am all day long during school, and then an emotional slip and slide when I come home. Perhaps slip and slide doesnt quite explain it properly, maybe a room covered from celing to floor in slip and slides. And just for fun lets say its a frictionless room, too.

I think I'm falling for a boy. I think I may have been falling for a while. Maybe I'm just now finding new places to fall into.

Happy. Hey, so this is what that is.

Yeka and I went to the Y today, met with 2 different instructors half an hour from one another. I enjoy having her with me, she gives me the motevation to go, even if I do counter the effects of any working out by comming home and eating everything readily available. And then some not so readily available ithinkillmakepizza type things. I thought for a bit that Katy was better, she was smiling and that made me worlds of better, too. I wish I could be with her at all times to do my best to take care of her, the best I can do is wisk her away in the afternoons. (i love that girl more than anything)

Im stuck in that book for Cooney. I loved how it started, I loved how it middled, but then bam. I am to the point where I read a page then realize I had been mentally debating the shapes of animal crackers while my eyes skimmed the words. I do not have a short attention span. I just need dancing monkeys in order to keep my attention.

Theres a soothing effect comming from the once annoying fire I sleep next to. I'm finding its constant obtrusiveness to be comforting even. Maybe ive just come to an agreement within myself about it, realizing that woah, thats where my heat is comming from and I neeed to deal with it.

Oh man. He makes me happy.
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