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Christina taking a foto of a flower in the Alhambra garden. She and I ended up going back a second time to it because of the rush we felt during the first guided tour. (That and my camera died in the first few minutes... I took over a hundred the second visit as if to make up for it, but really it was all just so pretty.) We prefered very much so sitting down with a german guide book and an english guide book in the glorious shade of the almost labrynth and comparing the information contained.

More of the Alhambra.

I wonder where Carlos and Eva are now...

"Escalara de el agua" means water stairs, with grooves in the railing and in the center of the stairs themselves soon to be filled with our toes much appreciating the cold.

And of course, what every palace needs, is a fortress. This was taken below the tower of flags in a little carcel (jail cell.)

And these from the top of the various towers. How pretty granada is from above, no? Mountains behind and fields of olives below. And such culture and beauty between.


And this is me at the entrance the first look around it.
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