Felix (rextrocular) wrote,

(more of the graffiti of Spain)

2.There was a stage set up with little girls dancing flamenco.

3. This was a little town on the other side of the Sierra Nevada, this is just to show the color and shape of the buildings there.

4. The place we had a fantastic 3 course lunch, I had originally taken this picture to remember what the place looked like, because I was about to go off on my own and climb up, while the others climbed down to the river in the valley.

5. And I indeed did climb up, and these are some of the fantastic scenes I was seeing:

6.The side road I took.

7. that had a stream running along side it.

8. The view of the town below me after climbing a bit.

9. The rock where I sat to just take everything in.

10. While surrounded by a field of these.

11. I was just in awe, so I ended up taking a lot of pictures. It was just so much space, so pretty, the air was so clear and silent.

Yesterday I actually climbed a mountain far higher than this, and will catch up on pictures someday.
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