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I'm doing the whole no make-up thing. No particular reason other than becasue I never have before.

Today I woke up late (again) but this time in my mother's bed. I dont ask why, I just assume it was a half-asleep transition.

My history teacher accepted a very late assignment from me, I made my coughs sound super pitiful and was sure to wheeze as I told her I've been too sick to work. That combined with the get-her-afterschool manuver work everytime. Because then there's no whining from students who have been in the same situation and not gotten the credit nor is there the possibility of it getting out that she is not completely evil.

I may go up to starbucks soon to try and get work done. Who knows. Maybe even the ymca? I wonder if my Y buddy has work to do too.

:stretches and breathes:

Man, I wish it didnt hurt to breathe.
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