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I'm going to fix my hair this weekend. Make the colors more apparent and more pink and less blue. If I find the money I can go buy more bleach, or you know, muster the courage to go get the bucket Jeff has. Maybe later this week. Maybe this weekend. DDR diet is me. I've decided to take some of my new found spare time and designate it twards bettering myself, lose weight, upkeep on the feminine things, whatever. Because showering is a strictly female thing. Yum. Personal hygiene.

I missed Justhan alot today, just knowing that I may not be able to see him makes it worse. I talked to a few people online that I've been meaning to, and liked it. I plan on purchasing WoW this weekend and becoming addicted. I have plans, man. I'm going places. Doing things. I will be better mentally and phyisically because it's amazing how they affect each other.

rich: hug me now.
rich: *reaches through monitor*
rich: *loud crashing sounds*
rich: .shit.

Cute. I'll go back to bed now.
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