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comfort food

I had a grapefruit today. More like one and a quarter, perhaps a bit more because I ate the edges of my mother's as well. One and five eighths perhaps. I'm finding the importance of nutrition, the importance of the saying "You are what you eat." In finding truth in that saying I'm not expecting to roll out of bed tommorow, plummet a few feet and hit my desk hard enough to burst and expose my fleshy grapefruit fluids and meat. I feel like dancing. Any food that inspires such things should be eaten much more frequently than humanly possible.

I dont check labels, I am an negligent consumer. I have no problem sticking doritoes, fruity pebbles, or store bought cookies into my bloodstream and well being. I dont mind if I cannot pronounce half of the ingredients and don't beleive there to be a language on planet earth that could. (Or, you know, a person speaking a earthian language seeing as the language itself cannot pronounce something.) I purchased a red bull yesterday, sugar free, for the mere fact that I like the color better. Then I realize I have fallen victim to a product containing aspartame, the artificial sweetener with it's own support group. I know this because I looked up everyone of the ingredients. And, hey, look at that, I still havent opened it. Not saying that I wont. Because eating(/drinking) healthier is a gradual process.

Boredom and waiting. I miss something right now, not necessarily a someone(even though I do), but a feeling. A comfort food. I miss the different ways of showing affection and something that makes something else complete. I want to be loved, adored, and be able to properly express it in return.

I'm an uncertain and awkward person. Right now if I were to assume crash position I'd just be bound to get stiff and achey. Nobody's ever been found post plane crash bobbing up and down clinging to their plane seats. I might as well be singing at the top of my lungs, right?
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